Hi From the Rookie

Hello fellow bloggers and blog readers… I’m the new girl sent to fulfill all your blog related needs. Not really, I’ll just be blogging here and there, hope you like it. Well, I wanted to start with a bang, maybe a rant or rave, but then I got to feeling a bit shy, so I thought I’d just give a quick hello. So here I am. I’m very excited to be a blogger, and I hope I live up to the strict standards set forth by blogging.la. So thanks again to Sean and everyone who got me in here, and I’ll be blogging like crazy before you know it.

7 thoughts on “Hi From the Rookie”

  1. Hey Cin,
    Wow! I knew your smart %$# commentary would pay off at some point in time! Hope all is well. I’ll be checking up on your blogging in the near future. BTW, it was nice seeing you guys the other day(?) Talk to you soon! Love, me

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