Camera-Phone crackdown at Arclight

Caryn and I just caught a flick at the lovely Arclight and as we were leaving noticed something rather peculiar. One of the theaters was roped off for some private Variety Magazine shin-dig and to get in to it you had to go through inspection which included being metal-detector-wanted by some beefy security guards. Were the looking for WMD? Nope. Camera phones. I overheard part of a conversation that went something like this “Sir, is this a cell phone in your pocket? Can I see it please? We need to make sure it has no photo or recording capabilities, if it does you’ll have to check it outside of the theater and can pick it up when you leave.” Hollywood and the MPAA can sleep safely tonight knowing that crappy low-res images or bad sound recordings of their precious little secret won’t be set won’t be unleashed to the world, at least not today.

9 thoughts on “Camera-Phone crackdown at Arclight”

  1. I had to deal with this bullshit at a cineplex in Burbank for an advance screening of “The Village.” I laughed when they asked about my phone because it’s so an asinine, but turned it over anyways.

  2. I work for one of the studios and this is common practice now, so I’m surprised people are just noticing it. Just about any preview screening or premiere we have prohibits cell phones with cameras. And every one I’ve been to in the last 6 months also has Night-Vision equipped guards strolling the aisles during the movie looking for Camcorders.

  3. They’ve been confiscating all cell phones at seveal screenings of films I’ve been to in Westwood, Paramount studios, Mann’s and Archlight for the past year.

  4. I guess since Sean and I don’t regularly go to movie screenings (oh you fancy movie folk) this is a little new news to us. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, just a crazy site to see people getting frisked before they enter a MOVIE THEATER!

  5. Jeannie – sorry but it seems that my inter-brain link to instantly know what everyone else knows seems to have been disconnected rectently. I’ll make sure to ask everyone on the planet if they know about something before I post it next time.

  6. Yeah Sean, I think there’s an RSS feed for that… you’ll want to look into at

  7. i went to the variety screening and i didn’t see anyone checking for anything… they didn’t even check for my ticket!

    i think the variety screening was in theater #3. as i was walking towards that one, i noticed that theater #7 had a table set up with security wands lying on the table. i don’t know what that screening was for…

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