I Can Stand the Rain


Admittedly, one of the reasons why I love Los Angeles so much is because of the warm and sunny weather. However, when my inner melancholy girl takes over, all I want is a little bit of clouds and some rain. But what I really want are some serious thunderstorms because, well, they’re big, bad, and awesome. I actually miss Florida summer afternoons when the storms roll in like clockwork around 3pm. Alas as you well know, that doesn’t happen much here but when it does, it makes it all the more special.

So I am delighted to announce that…it’s cloudy! Well, duh, I’m sure you can see that outside of your window. But with those clouds bring rain and, hold your breath, possible thunderstorms! Eeepers I’m excited…it makes me want to go home, heat up some soup, and watch a horror movie or two.

And because weather can be a crapshoot, I suggest checking out this great weather website I discovered while manically tracking the hurricanes that were attacking my family in Florida.

2 thoughts on “I Can Stand the Rain”

  1. and just as we all wished for the city of angels has been cleansed I LOVE IT…I just got back from a walk on the beach and now it is time for slumber under a heavy comforter…

  2. i loved living in california. don’t ever think about moving if you live there. i had this bright ideal that i would move to dallas so i could afford a house.
    then i found out that texas is full of fundies and bushies and only white people are acceptable.

    this state is so freaking right wing and everyone thinks that jesus loves them but hates everyone elese.

    jack e. jett
    the jack e. jett show

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