Return of the Mud People

There’s some sort of post-Burning Man street festival going on this weekend for those of you that didn’t get enough grit in your teeth and don’t think you can wait until next year to unleash your inner dirty hippie:

Burning Man LaDecom Street Fair 04:
The Culture and Art of Burning Man come to the public eye.

Near the 1st. bridge (at Santa Fe in glorious downtown LA)


Out-of-this-world art, cool theme camps, processions, and all manner of Burning Man 2004 Vault of Heaven art. The festivities will be spread over 3 blocks, an art park, 3 stages, an indoor club and multimedia wall of new Burning Man imagery! Bring interactive games and food and non-alcoholic beverages for your BYO picnic. Bring your art, theme camps, Burning Man videos/imagery and gifts to share. Express yourself and dress your playa best!

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