Screamfest LA 2004


I love horror movies – I watch them all year round with a preference for 1960s and 1970s horror flicks and, of course, anything with Vincent Price. Why just last night I watched Danza macabra, aka Castle of Blood, that has subsequently began my fascination with Barbara Steele.

Anyway, one of the fortunate things about being in Los Angeles during the Halloween season is that movie theaters and festivals present horror movie festivals that include some old, some new, and even shorts. And this year’s Screamfest LA looks like it’s going to fill any scary movie void: they have movies about Satan, possession, zombies and other spooky things that go bump in the night. Movies include The Dark (see image), The Thing, Halloween, Hellbent, Husk, and Blessed. They are even hosting a Lon Chaney tribute on Saturday, October 16 and a director’s cut screening of the new Dawn of the Dead (best opening sequence ever!).

Screamfest LA opens tomorrow, October 15 and continues all the way until October 24 at Loews Universal Studios Cinema (Universal City Walk in Studio City). Their site has a comprehensive listing of all movies and it includes trailers; you can even watch some of the shorts in their entirety. So go get the crap scared out of you!

12 thoughts on “Screamfest LA 2004”

  1. hey caryn,
    check out barbara steele in Black Sunday…one of my personal faves directed by Mario Bava.

  2. Oh I know – that one is definitely on my “to see” list. What’s funny is that all during Castle of Blood I was like “I know that woman” and I did from the Pit and the Pendulum!


  3. Is that image really from The Dark? I’d swear that the girl is Anna Paquin. She was in a movie called Darkness.

    Just curious.

  4. Looked at the Screamfest LA site. Same film, slightly altered title. IMDB puts translated titles in parentheses, so I’m assuming the discrepancy isn’t due to that. Searching for The Dark on IMDB turns up two older movies. Oh well.

  5. Apparently other places are calling it The Darkness so who the hell knows. If it’s a mistake, it’s due to Screamfest.

  6. The question isn’t whether or not it’s the same movie, but where the discrepancy in the title came from. Why the snark?

  7. “HUSK” is an awesome horror short, by far my favorite. I wanted to see if anyone else saw it.

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