Driving off the Road

Heathervescent writes about driving off a canyon road, something we’ve all thought of but hopefully few of us have actually done. Lucikly she’s OK. Caryn, do not read this:

I’m accelerating through a curve and it tightens and opps… tire goes off the road followed by the rest of the car and it’s a roller coaster ride. Bushes, rocks, bouncing, – it all happened so fast. I took my hands off the wheel, put the car in neutral and road it on out. Shrubbery flying past my windshield, my face not that far from it thanks to my seat belt. And then all was stopped. What a shock to look up, and outside my front window is not the black pavement with the double yellow, but someplace you would usually hike too. Adrenaline is pumping, but I’m more or less ok. A bit shaken up, perhaps somewhat bruised and the snob – well, I was talking about wanting a new car …

I took a moment to compose myself and take a couple deep breaths. I pondered my this experience – the ride down the hill in my saab and my current situation – that of being stopped on the side of a hill in the malibu mountains. Breathe, breathe, breathe.