Greatest News in the World Part 2

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Well, maybe it’s not “the greatest news in the world” but it will certainly be one of the most entertaining…

From E-Online:

Courtney Love set to host a two-hour weekly radio show on Los Angeles station 103.1 FM, on which she will play favorites from her own music collection as well as from the station’s archives. The show is scheduled to run on Fridays through the end of the month, leading up to Love’s Oct. 30 performance at L.A.’s Wiltern Theater.

Now isn’t Clear Channel (the owner of 103.1) a bit concerned about having such a loaded FCC fine waiting to happen on the air? Just curious.

As I’ve been sternly told, Clear Channel doesn’t own 103.1 – they only get heeps of cash from Envision (the owners) ads, promote their own crap, blah, blah, blah. I read that CC has already reached their legal limit of the amount of radio stations you can have in LA so 103.1 is just their way around that to make cash. They still stink and it’s still funny that a station ASSOCIATED with Clear Channel would put such a liablity on the air.

4 thoughts on “Greatest News in the World Part 2”

  1. Once again, Clearchannel does not own 103.1

    They sell ads for the owners of 103.1, Entravision, a mainly Hispanic broadcasting outfit.

  2. Regardless of who owns the station, the station markets itself as an “indie” station. The only question is if the FCC fines the station, do they incur one fine, or two (since they broadcast from two locations)?

    In some cases, even with the stiff increases in fines, it may be worth it for some station to play the bad boy and do something fineworthy.

  3. “Regardless of who owns the station, the station markets itself as an “indie” station.”

    Isn’t the ownership of the station exactly what is regarded when one considers its “indie” status?

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