Dave Navarro: Now Plugging Books Instead of Veins

It’s been hard to avoid Dave Navarro lately. He’s popped up on both Kevin & Bean and Howard Stern in the last few days, with more appearances to come. It’s all because he’s pimping a new book with collaborator Neil Strauss called Don’t Try This at Home that chronicles a year of being at the bottom of the barrel of addiction. Scary, and interesting, stuff. You may have heard about it before, since he talked about it a long time ago and then apparently tried to pull out of the deal to publish it. He’s also talked a lot about how he made every visitor to his home that year take a picture in his photo booth (an idea that MTV’s TRL promptly ripped off), and those photos are featured here as well. Anway, this is a long way of saying that if you have the hots for Dave Navarro, he’ll be appearing at Book Soup on Sunset on Thursday night. It’s a ticketed event, so call for information, (310) 659-3110 (Regan Books).

Also, I know somebody’s going to bitch if I don’t mention that Hunter Thompson is also appearing at Book Soup. So, if you’re a fan of Mr. Raoul Duke, he’ll be signing his new collection of sports columns on Friday night.