Joz deals with the Parking Violations Bureau

(Originally posted at my own blog a few days ago, but since people have asked how my parking ticket saga is going, I thought I’d cross-post this here).

So after I got that STU-PID letter from Parking Violations last week, I decided I had to make it obvious that I was not the idiot for not including my ticket number on the correspondence, but rather, that it was someone over there who did not see it.

Now that I’m back from Gnomedex, I saw the letter sitting on my desk, so I thought I’d send it back, complete with the ticket number highlighted in pink on my original letter to them.

Then I circled the ticket number with a green pen.

Then I drew red arrows around it, pointing to the ticket number.

Then I got my special purple/metallic silver pen and drew stars around the ticket number.

THEN, when I went to get a stamp, but found the *perfect* “sticker” to attach to the letter…

The “American FilmMaking: Behind the Scenes” commemorative stamps features a picture of Cecil B DeMille pointing at something (and someone else looking at what he’s pointing to) while on the set of “Cleopatra.” I cut out the background photo I made him point at the ticket number and then wrote next to it, “Cecil B DeMille says, ‘Look! There’s the ticket number!’ (Paraphrasing, of course).

I’ve been told that this is going to piss off some Parking Violations office employee and that I’m going to get fined more EVEN MORE for this. If I do, I am going to start asking for donations to find a way to pay for all my parking tickets.

Anyway, I know you’re waiting to see my work of art, so here it is… click to embiggen…

Click to embiggen my Parking Ticket Number Clarification

(It goes went out in the mail today on Tuesday.)

8 thoughts on “Joz deals with the Parking Violations Bureau”

  1. That is so fucking funny. Of course, that alone is not worth the ticket you got but it does show how idiotic our system can be sometimes. Does no one have independant thought in our local government? Thats an oxymoron isn’t it?

  2. So, some overworked single mother, non-English speaking drone will open your letter, have a terrible day , go out to her car, get her Saturday night special from under the driver’s seat and come back in , and blow away some of her colleagues and herself. The important thing is that you expressed yourself.

  3. Right, Lupe.

    And if *that* were to happen, it would ALL be the fault of my silly letter.

    It would have nothing to do with the fact that she owns a Saturday Night Special, nor the fact that she feels disenfranchised living in L.A. living at the (or slightly above the) poverty level as so many of us do. Or that (undoubtedly) her workplace is filled with insufferable idiots.



  4. Have you ever considered reading her earlier posts, where she explicitly states that she was cited for a violation she did not commit, because her car wasn’t anywhere near the area at the date and time of the supposed violation?

  5. Apparently, CAL doesn’t live in Los Angeles or CAL works for a department where he can get his parking tickets fixed.

    You want to talk legalities, CAL. How about the LA tickets people for parking under signs that says “NO PARKING. 7-10AM SCHOOL DAYS” in the dead of summer! If “school days” = “summer days” then that sign needs to be changed to say WEEKDAYS. F that money hungry department.

    Btw, JOZ, your post cracked me up :-D

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