beautiful air

Dodger fans, turn off the tv and turn your radios to 710 AM. I know that you’re used to hearing the voice of the immortal Vin Scully, and I’m not knocking him a bit.* But ESPN Radio is covering the playoffs, and for the Dodger series they’ve assigned one of the best of the new school, Gary Cohen.

Gary usually works for my team, the Mets, and there is nobody I would rather listen to covering a ballgame. He paints a great word picture, always telling you exactly what you want to know, when you need to know it. And he’s got a GREAT home run call…a crescendoing “It’s Outta Here!” – simple, dramatic, and not drawing attention to itself at the expense of the game action (I’m talking to you Sterling.) There is nobody I’ve heard who’s better at conveying the drama and tension of a tight game or a clutch hit than he.

*Vin called one of the greatest basbeall moments of my life: October 26, 1986, an event known simply as Game 6.

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  1. miss being in New York, and mumbling as the Yankees beat Boston AGAIN? I feel like the only one here who DOESN’T like the Yankees!

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