Vin and The Ramones

Heard something on Wednesday night I didn’t think I’d ever hear while listening to a Dodgers game. Vin Sculley was remarking that Tuesday night’s San Diego game saw the first time in Major League history that two Ramons (Ramon Hernandez and Ramon Vazquez, I believe) had ever batted back-to-back. Then he said, “It sounds more like a singing group: The Ramons.”

A little later, after one of his staff informed him of the (relative) existence of The Ramones, and that Joey passed away twelve days ago: “The Ramones were a punk rock group in the 70s and 80s. Well, what do you know about that!”

The sad thought is, of course, who would have thought Vin Sculley would outlive most of The Ramones?

6 thoughts on “Vin and The Ramones”

  1. It is sad that we have but one Ramone left, but personally I want Vin Sculley to live forever.

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