So on August 4, I wrote and sent a letter to my “friends” at the Los Angeles Parking Violations Bureau contesting the totally bullshit ticket that was supposedly issued to my vehicle way back in June.

If you don’t remember the story, basically, I received a parking ticket in the mail for being illegally parked somewhere I wasn’t… on a day & time where I was at work and parked in my parking space in a private lot. (My workplace is nowhere in the vicinity of where the ticket was issued.)

So I refused to pay the ticket (so no new obscene check was written) and I wrote a letter contesting the ticket, even getting a letter from BossMan to vouch that I was indeed at work on that day & time (and that I always drove myself to work and parked in my own parking space).

So today, I got a reply in the mail from them and I got scared because the envelope was bulging.

They returned my letter, the letter from my boss, and the envelope that these items were mailed in with a note attached at the top which read:

We have received your correspondence regarding the parking ticket issued to your vehicle. Unfortunately, the information you supplied does not indicate the ticket number or vehicle license plate number.

For the record, if you flip to the front page of my letter, the FIRST LINE of text underneath the Parking Violations Bureau address is a line that says “Re: Ticket # 101xxxxxxx”

I’m going to highlight the ticket #, draw stars around it, maybe paste some stickers and post-its around it to show them that I did indeed supply the damn ticket # on my correspondence. If I could send it back to them electronically, I would have made it a flashing, animated marquee, that would scroll slowly across the monitor.

What a freaking waste of time, energy, resources, and postage.

Maybe I can find someone to donate a booger or two I can send back with their stupid letter.

5 thoughts on “STU-PID”

  1. I challenged a parking ticket i received a few years back in Westwood. I was parked illegaly, but they ticketed me for the wrong offense. The first challenge was by mail, and they didnt overturn it. So i requested a hearing with a *judge.* It was actually just a woman and me in a little office. She was nice, it was clear i was in the right, and told that i would hear back in a week with her judgement, which she said while winking. They don’t tell you right there in case you lose and go postal. But i indeed won. So it is possible to fight city hall. Good luck.

  2. I feel your pain. They try to stall you and wear down your patience until you eventually capitulate. Or worse: I didn’t even receive a ticket on my car once. I got a notice in the mail and tried to fight it. I got no response for weeks and kept getting notices despite my correspondence and phone calls. The last thing I heard from them (after the ticket had reached its ultimate deliquent fee) was that I had waited too long to contest and that I was basically screwed! Stay strong my friend.

  3. get a bunch of ones. then over the course of a week let them all steep in your ass crack. maybe even use a few to clean up after dropping a duce. then go down to pay and try to hold in the laughter as the clerk counts the money.

  4. Make sure the VIN of the vehicle is correct on the ticket. License plate frames can trim off the bottoms of some letters (E to F) that gives YOU the tik and not the real criminal car. This happened to me three times in LA over one year because of the cut-off thing. Had to “prove my innocence” by sending a copy of the car reg with the right VIN on it.

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