Oh what a beautiful morning!

It’s so nice and gloomy and chilly out that I had to take a walk up to Runyon Canyon this morning. I’ve been recovering from that nasty flu bug that everyone’s been getting but this morning the haze in my head cleared and I had that rush of energy the freshly undead often get, so I hit the trail. At the first tier in the canyon the entire city was almost completely invisible. I’m kicking myself for not having at least my phone cam with me but then again it would have been a lovely photo of dirt and fog. I hope mornings like this are the herald of cooler days for at least a while. Living in Hollywood without air conditioning, no pun intended, blows.Perfect morning. I could only get better if I can find a secret route between Burbank and Hollywood. Going to work takes 6 minutes. Coming home at night takes about 50. Something’s not right about that…

2 thoughts on “Oh what a beautiful morning!”

  1. From 7:30 to 8:30. You can do the first level and back to the apartment again in an hour. I think that’s going to be my coffee in the morning now :-)

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