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A friend from new york once said to me that los angeles didn’t have neighborhoods and she didn’t feel connected to the people.

As I was driving down the 10 freeway towards santa monica, I thought to myself, “do I really need to be driving some where this late at night. I could decrease the traffic by one and thats always worth something”. But my friend was waiting for me at the park across from his house. Greg was watching some random softball game. Greg is the guy who will jump in if you get into a fight with 4 large ornery men. Greg is the guy who will pay for drinks even though he only has a few dollars in his pocket. Greg is also the guy who will chuckle and say with sincerity “its cool” when you tell him you listen to avril lavign. He smoked a cigarette, I talked to him about things that guys talk to with other guys – about relationships and ego and shit. We eventually made our way to the batting cages in sherman oaks and than ate ate cheap tacos in lovely van nuys. More driving and more driving. It was cool. Good times don’t cost a dime.

Los Angeles is a pretty big place. Lot of neighborhoods. But community isn’t about how far everyone is…its about how close you feel to them. Over mexican food. Over night in l.a.

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  1. Conversation, batting cages, good friends and tacos. Let it be Lowenbrau, baby. Sounds like an excellent evening.

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