Tony Pierce on LA Dating

LA Blogstar Tony Pierce posted a little from an interview and laid it out about dating in LA:

BW: Do you currently have a steady girlfriend? It’s hard to tell from your blog because you proclaim that nothing in there is true.

tp: i do not have a steady girlfriend. i have been out on some dates lately. hollywood is oozing in hot girls. it’s pretty easy to date here. plus most of the dudes out here are ridiculously lame. it’s a sellers market.

BW: Meaning?

tp: i’m not exactly sure what i meant by that other than if youre halfway decent and you can hold a conversation for more than an hour you can get laid here in LA. if you ask three hot chicks out during the week two of them will say yes and one of them will be worth it. these are good days to be a single man in hollywood.

I’m married, so this info does me no good at all, but I thought I’d pass it along for all the fellas.

3 thoughts on “Tony Pierce on LA Dating”

  1. Oh yeah, it’s a given that in the land of sand and silicone, there are *lots* of hot women out here.

    And while hot women can be rather intimidating to approach, if you can carry a conversation with intelligence, humor, and some confidence to boot, it can work wonders. And be yourself… don’t lie about who you are.

    And wear some fucking deodorant while you’re at it, unless you think B.O. is sexy, in which case that much guarantees you’ll leave emptyhanded, as it were.

    Personally, I don’t use pick-up lines, but I’m always amused by the ones that guys use.

    Hm, I wonder what Mr. Hooks’ view is on this? ^_^

  2. It’s always amusing to read a guys take on dating/picking up women….why do you knuckleheads make it so hard?
    It’s simple…if you’re attracted, toss the ball. You can’t make a homerun if you don’t throw the pitch. And striking out is part of the game!!!!
    Oh…and note to Tony Pierce, et al. : there’s LOTS of groovy, smart, funny, relatively attractive, single guys out there, so don’t think you can get laid just cuz you have a dick and can talk. (although admittedly, it helps!)

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