Inside City Hall

By way of blog. Check out 4th floor – a blog run by LA City Hall staffers. From their “about page”:

What’s the purpose of the 4th Floor?
This blog is intended to serve†all the Los Angeles City Hall staffers with news and other inside information. ††

What will I find?
4th Floor provides daily news clippings from various outlets including articles, and editorials from newspapers, magazines, and other web pages.

4th Floor is place where you can comment on postings, and see what other City Hall staff members think.

4th Floor will provide information on upcoming social and political events.

4th Floor will update job postings.† If you get a new job off here- and you move off the 4th Floor – you are no longer eligible to participate. Just kidding.†

This might be a cool source of info. As LA Observed points out, it’s written anonymously so your guess is as good as mine as who is actually behind it. Could be someone elected, could be some intern. Eitherway it’s pretty interesting so far.

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  1. I like that they call it “the forth floor”. Has this secret intriguing x-files feel to it as if there’s something much more sinister going on in there.

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