All right, why has traffic been so horrible this week?! It’s taken me *double* the amount of time it normally takes me to get to work yesterday and today. It can’t be just because school’s back in session… or is it?

And at the risk of stating the obvious, *never* take Laurel Canyon from the Valley into the city on a weekday morning. It took me about 45 minutes to get over the hill, 30 of which were spent on the Valley-side alone!

And on a side note, it’s really scary just how brazen people are in running red lights nowadays, particulary during rush hour traffic. :o

3 thoughts on “Autoduel…”

  1. It’s because you suck.

    Just kidding. Actually, I thought the last couple of weeks were worse, though today was definitely worse than yesterday.

    Speaking of running reds, I saw some jackass in a rice rocket run a stale red over the weekend down in OC. A huge SUV nearly plowed right into him. And I kinda wish it had.

  2. I second this, Koga. Traffic has been awful. I think it’s a post-Labor Day thing. Everybody’s coming back into the city for the new seasons. School, art, industry. All kinds of shit going on.

  3. The reason traffic on Laurel Cyn was so bad on the day you posted, was that the 101 North was shut down at Lankershim all morning, due to a fatal accident- I took Laurel Canyon as well & I, too was an hour late for work due to this. Yuck. Its usually not that bad though

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