Chop Chop

I’ve been on the road a lot in the last couple of months, and since much of that travel has been work-related, I’ve been eating out often. I’ve had some tasty meals – from the s’mores that I got to cook over a fire at my table at Cosi in Philadelphia to the tasty Tex-Mex stylings at Chuy’s in Dallas, I’ve been keeping my inner gourmand happy. But I have to say, I always find the best food right here in good old L.A.

Case in point – this evening, I had the pleasure of dining at a lovely local steak joint called the Arroyo Chop House in Pasadena. I’ve heard about 9 billion nice things about it before from my good friends A&W (like the root beer! I’m just going to start calling you guys root beer from now on) and I finally got to enjoy a meal there with them. And enjoy it I did. Though it’s a steak house, I had the halibut, which was quite tasty, and the accompanying garlic mashed potatoes were sublime. But what really took the cake (pun intended) was the dessert. We had the chocolate souffle, which tasted like an orgasm on a spoon. Add to that a nice ambiance, tasty wine, and good company, and you’ve got one fine evening on your hands.

You can thank me afterwards, perhaps by bringing me a souffle.