16 thoughts on “There Goes The Neighborhood”

  1. Heh, totally Gary. You were on my list of people to ask if they wanted to join with the OC folks when I first heard about it, but you betrayed the OC…

    Of course, you live in Silverlake, which is seemingly where the rest of the LA metrobloggers live.

  2. Michael,

    You noticed that too. Apparently only Silverlake, Echo Park and Hollywood are considered LA.

  3. Not really, just a few of us who are most active. Here’s the rundown:

    :: 5000! – was west hollywood, just bought a place in echo park
    :: bill poon – chinatown
    :: bronwyn jones – silverlake, soon to be san francisco
    :: caryn coleman -silverlake
    :: chris pirillo -the valley!!
    :: cybele may – silverlake
    :: gregory han – used to be silverlake, where do you “technically” live now?
    :: jason calacanis – santa monica
    :: jason defillipo – hollywood
    :: jay bushman – just moved to silverlake, used to be.. ?
    :: jeff koga – ?
    :: jessica gao – westwood
    :: jozjozjoz – ?
    :: justin hall – culver city
    :: kathleen mcgivney – dowtown
    :: robert daeley – ?
    :: robert fogarty – hollywood
    :: sean bonner – silverlake
    :: wil wheaton – arcadia
    :: will campbell – silverlake
    :: xeni jardin – Los Feliz

  4. Exactly

    I see alot of Silverlakes in there…Nothing against Silverlake by the way, or any of the others. It is just pretty funny because you guys/gals blogs seem like your next door neighbors.

  5. I don’t know, out of 21 people, to have four houses in silverlake doesn’t seem like a lot to me (Caryn and I are married so we live in one house). It’s less than 25% of the people…

  6. Besides, everyone knows all the *cool* folks live in Silverlake anyway!

    (a proud reader from silverlake)


  7. I am doomed I see. Just call me an OLA. I work in Downtwown LA and live/from the LBC, on the border of the OC/LA counties.

  8. how about this, straddling the orange curtain and considering defecting to
    Silverlake…just to get more diversity culture and plugging back into the urban vibe.

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