Color Scheming

dayglo.jpgOK, I can comprehend why Speedworkz on the left there would opt for such a glaring storefront marquee since the name of their place includes the obligatory oh-so-cool “Z” and they’re a one-stop carsthatgoboom stereo shop catering to a clientele that’s drawn to loud sounds and colors like so many moths to a flourescent flame. But seriously, nothing says Diamonds Are For Never like the matching day-glo yellow/green adorning the obviously high-class jewelry shop at the intersection of Westerly Terrace and Sunset Boulevard. What I particular love is the accent รณ not over the “e” in Leon, but the “o.” Clearly the place to be upon which to get your bling.

silversun.jpgAnd since we’re in the neighborhood, let me also sing the dismay I have for the “Silver-Sun” strip mall a couple blocks east at Sunset and Parkman. I’d been watching this one develop in wary hope that they’d do something with the place, but alas, it seems the best they could do was craft a front that has “It Came From the ’80s” all over it.

What were they thinking?!

6 thoughts on “Color Scheming”

  1. That Silver-Sun is one fugly storefront. Recognized it as soon as I saw it, as I’m a Silverlake resident of late. That must say something for how bad it is.

  2. I’m not even a resident but I recognized it as well. I was standing across the street at a show not too long ago and my friends and I couldn’t figure out why you’d do that to a building.

  3. I’m holding out hope that they are in step 1 of a multi-step makeover. That really can’t be what the finished product is.

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