Candyland @ Bluespace! TONIGHT!

Bite my Wonka, Hollywood!

Bluegirl Productions & Steve Diet Goedde present Candyland TONIGHT (Saturday, September 4, 2004)!

8 PM to Midnight

@ Bluespace (5519 Hollywood Blvd.)
(323) 465-5682

$5 gallery donation

Complimentary libations courtesy of Red Rum, and sweet treats provided by Bluespace!

What are you doing tonight? Why not join Jason, Staci, and me at this lovely event? It’s an art show that, as organizer Bluegirl states, “has been created out of loving sarcasm just for all the “good” people of Hollywood! Suitable for a kindergarten class or childish adults who still like to play with dollies and action figures, and still enjoy wildly jumping on their beds, this G-rated show is sure to be “pure” fun! Golly, isn’t that nice?”

It’s probably a reaction to some of the troubles Bluegirl’s been having with some of the more righteously indignant neighborhood busybodies who regularly make a fuss over some of the gallery’s often provocative content (even though said busybodies don’t really have to look at it if they don’t want to). Come support what could potentially be the seed of a thriving art community in this part of town before it’s stomped out by censorship-minded spoilsports. If not for the sake of art, at least come for the sake of having a good time on a Saturday night.