Busy little sex ofenders

Fogarty told me about a site that tracks registered sex offenders in SoCal the other night and since it doesn’t seem like he’s ever going to post about it I tracked it down :-P The interface to this thing is archaic as all hell and don’t expect it to run on Safari. I used Firefox and it worked ok but it’s a PITA to get anywhere. But when I finally did I was floored by the results. Every blue dot is a registered sex offender. Good lord…

Registered Sex Offender Locator

7 thoughts on “Busy little sex ofenders”

  1. You know it’s not cool when you have four of these guys living in a four block radius around your house. Even more when one of them lives relatively behind an elementary school…

  2. I was coming in from a surf go-out early in 1976. It was well into January, cold and rainy on a windswept beach north of Ventura. Was changing clothes while seated on the driver’s seat of my ’67 Dodge Dart. Door was open, my feet, towel and package were dangling out the door. Nobody else was around until the ranger drove up. By then I’d covered up. Didn’t matter though, as he threatened to cite me for a sex offense. Bastard. Since then I don’t have a whole lot of faith in little blue dots announced by the Powers That Be.

  3. I have a rather famous for her sexy bod girlfriend, who was having some serious 3am sex in the car next to a local neighborhood park, with her equally famous for his funny one-liners boyfriend…..she was bare-assed nekkid and suddenly amidst the frviolity a bright light beamed in on the action. No, it wasn’t aliens joining the party, but two LAPD guys lovin’ their find! Without a beat, she jumped out of the car in all her glory, beamed her famous smile and asked if there was a problem. The cops nearly had a heart attack when they recognized her, stammered that it was against the law to be naked in public, much less have sex in public and then asked for her autograhph. She apologized profusely while whipping on her dress, which her partner thankfully handed out the window. She then obliged them with an autograph, promised to take her action home and that was that! No ticket, no arrest!!!

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