Let’s Watusi

This post is nothing more than an opportunity to show you this:


I took it on the corner of Rowena and Glendale Blvd. in Silverlake.


I had been threatening for a long time to go to the bar that was on this site. The front of the bar was boarded up instead of having these big plate glass windows. One window said AUTO and the other said BAR. White paint, red letters.

I wanted to go to the AUTO BAR. I wondered what it was like inside.

Alas, I never got to see it.

The Man drove me by it about a week ago and today I stopped to photograph what was beneath the sheets of plywood. Obviously during the renovations of this space (to become a restaurant and market) they uncovered this painted window a few weeks ago. I hope they can find some way to keep it, but it’s broken and I can’t imagine what health inspector will let a restaurant open with a broken front window.

I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only one fascinated with this, I saw another post on buzznet earlier.

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  1. I went to the Auto Bar a couple of times when I lived nearby. It was not exactly a great bar, but it had Modelo in the can for $1 and a few pool tables with nobody at them. The jukebox was all hispanic bands, such as Tigres Del Norte. The bartenders didn’t speak english, as did the rest of the clientle. A few TV’s all tuned into soccer. Got some strange looks as I was a “Silver Lake hipster.” On Sundays they would bbq in the front. Sorta miss the place now. Never crowded.

  2. If any of you are thinking about that sign, don’t bother unless you are in the glass business. That glass is at least a half-inch thick! Must weigh a few hundred pounds. Get your pictures while you can, because I don’t think there is any way to preserve that fine example of our cultural iconography.

  3. A few friends and I used to go to Auto Bar on occassion. We’re white, and we got some dirty looks, but we’d go for the cheap beer and available pool tables. Then one day, one of the regulars asked if he could join us in a game. We said sure. As we played, he was saying things about us in Spanish. I think he called one of my friends Potato-Head. We let it go. After the game, he went to the bar and returned with a few other regulars. One of them was an enormous man, at least 6-foot-5, and well over 300 pounds. He asked us if we wouldn’t prefer Cuffs (a gay leather bar, also in the neighborhood). We didn’t go back to Auto Bar after that.

  4. i’ve been meaning to take that pic since the first time I saw it. Do you have a higher-res file you could email me, by any chance?

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