More Art Than You Can Shake a Cactus At.

I’ve been planning forever now to write entries about the Neckface show at New Image Art, the David Choe show at Kantor Gallery, and the “Yosemite Studio” open studio party a few weeks back. So how excited am I to discover local art phenom Jeff Soto has been writing dailies for Fecal Face this week and managed to cover all three in a single post! Now I don’t have to write it, and you get to hear about it all with commentary from the man himself (as well as much better photos than I had). While you’re there, you may as well go back and read the rest of the week. It’s alwasy interesting to me to read about the day-to-day life of a professional artist/illustrator, and he still lives and works in Riverside.

One thought on “More Art Than You Can Shake a Cactus At.”

  1. I went to another group show in Hollywood where Neckface was exhibiting. It was a hole in the wall gallery with 99.9% pre-pubescent teens looking for a scene and some free beer. Being that I’m 5’3, you can imagine how wonderful it must have been for me to stand next to all those wanna be art-hippies that were taller than me and not wearing deodorant. Overall, I didn’t get to appreciate any of the art because of the bad smell and over-crowding. I also wasn’t too impressed by the work of Mr. Neckface…there is no aesthetic and the only excuse for his work is that is could be funny. to go from the streets to an art gallery is contradictory to the nature of street art and the hip-hop culture. Not to mention for those who really know art, its a slap in the face to have to see this in a gallery.
    I’ve seen better art from the kids at CalArts- just go to any Thursday night opening and you’ll get the real deal.

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