I know the collective baseball media hivemind is ready to gift Barry Bonds the NL MVP award yet again, but it seems to me in all the various stories, segments, and discussions about this topic, they 1) make it seem a foregone conclusion and 2) talk about his at-bat statistics. The award is *not* for best On-Base Percentage.

Someone on ESPN earlier today finally mentioned how mediocre the Giants would be without him. Perhaps, but the Giants are not breathing down the neck of the Dodgers and fighting in the wildcard race only because of Barry. I can think of at least one other player, pitcher Jason Schmidt, who they can thank for their success this year, among others.

I’m hoping that the other worthy candidates are truly and seriously considered for the award. And of course as a Dodger fan, I can name my candidate pretty easily. ;)

5 thoughts on “MVP?”

  1. Who’s better? A Barry-less Giants squad or an Adrian-less Dodger squad? Perhaps this year it’s a toss up but in past years it’s been Barry hands down. I’m a Dodger fan and would love to see Beltre win the award. But seriously, how could anyone objectively argue against giving the award to Bonds? He’s Mr. Clutch! He sees less good pitches than any of the other MVP candidates because he has no great hitters around him. And despite getting intentionally walked more than probably anyone in the history of the game, he still manages to put up monster numbers. I’m sorry but the MVP award is a foregone conclusion every year as far as I’m concerned. The only reason not to give it to Bonds is to mix it up a bit.

  2. I’m having this same argument on another site, but being a great batter, even the best batter in baseball, does not make you the MVP. Can you honestly say Barry’s defensive abilities are any where near MVP-quality?

    All I’m saying is that Bonds, to me, should not automatically be MVP just because he has a spectacular OBS.

  3. As much as I hate baseball, I’m glad to see another one of your baseball posts, Robert. I love the variety bLA has, and obviously there are readers that are very interested in it.

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