Ain’t that a kick in the head?

Signed Leykis headshot I got from him another lifetime ago.  I think I'll sell it on eBay.One of my former co-workers at the network sent me a link to this story. It seems that local talk jock Tom Leykis has been assaulted by a listener he pissed off in Seattle. (So far I haven’t seen any Seattle metbloggers pick up on this.)

I’m not saying Leykis deserved to be kicked in the head, but I do think it was just a matter of time before something like this happened. Most of Leykis’ listener events involve large amounts of alcohol and gratutious female nakedity (thanks to Teebubble for the great word). He had to know that one day things were going to get out of hand… beyond getting sued (which has already happened), that is.

Shock jock Tom Leykis says he was attacked in Seattle
Tom Leykis said his injury required 17 stitches.

Seattle police are looking for radio listeners who allegedly assaulted syndicated shock jock Tom Leykis outside a Seattle bar early Monday.

Leykis said yesterday that the attack left him with 17 stitches above his right eye. His call-in show originates in Los Angeles and airs afternoons on Seattle’s KQBZ-FM (100.7). Reached by phone in Los Angeles, Leykis said the attack occurred during one of his regular trips to broadcast from Seattle, where for several years he’s maintained a large fan base.

Leykis said he had stepped outside of the Five Point Cafe, 415 Cedar St., near Fisher Plaza, about 3:45 a.m. when a man began talking to him and another kicked him in the head. “I was minding my own business. It was a person who knew who I was from the radio.” [full story]

What I’m surprised about is that it happened in Seattle. Who’d have thunk it?

This story reminds me that Leykis signed the above headshot for me once upon a time (he doesn’t look like that anymore) & I’ve had it sitting in storage. Maybe this is a good time to sell it on eBay?

7 thoughts on “Ain’t that a kick in the head?”

  1. I like Leykis – his show is almost always entertaining and he is unapologetically himself. But even if someone doesn’t like it, doesn’t mean that he deserves to get the crap kicked out of him – nothing he says is THAT bad.

  2. It’s not that he DESERVES to get kicked around….but it’s just deserts for the verbal vomit he spews into the atmosphere. Especially about women.

  3. Did anyone hear about that? I heard that Tom Leykis and Boys Night Out is going to Seattle September 30th. I need tickets.

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