Burn Hollywood Burn!

I was sittting in my room when I see and smell smoke at my 3rd floor window. Not something one is looking forward to in an already busy as hell afternoon. Next I see huge chunks of ash coming down and it’s time to panic. I grabbed my camera and hit the street looking for the source.

I couldn’t see it thruough the smoke but the source was directly out my window on the corner of McCadden and Yucca. Some nitwit set a bank of palm tree’s on fire!

They’re still spraying the damn thing. It must have flared back up again. I can see massive amounts of foam being thrown into the air at this point but I thought it better to blog fast than overstay my welcome. And not to mention I already got a snootful of that foam I was so close. Ya know this was the same corner I took the photo of the cops on horseback. Wonder if this was a freak horse manure incident? It’s also cool the pics are on the blog and they’re still spraying the damn thing ;-)

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4 thoughts on “Burn Hollywood Burn!”

  1. West Hollywood Firefighter trying to pick up guys?

    He was checking the roof for flash fires from the ash. It was everywhere. There’s a few piles on my balcony.

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