Sunset Junction – the camphone pics

The 2004 Sunset Junction steet fest was everything you were expecting it to be. Here’s a few shots I took with my camera phone.

As with any street fest, there’s a lot of people that really want you to notice how different they are.

But even more than that was the endless hordes of dudes with no shirts on, sometimes with the optional t-shirt tucked in the back pocket. Having never been one of those guys I gotta ask, do you really not notice you look EXACTLY like all the other chumps standing around you or do you somehow take comfort in that?

And I’m not even talking about the dudes outside of Rough Trade:


This, however, was found outside of Rough Trade:


I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from that one.


OH! I almost forgot, on the way over there was saw the UFO car!!


The countless surveillance cameras probably did too.

On the way to the far stage one of the people with us tried on and bought a kilt. Er, a Utilakilt. Here’s proof:


We were headed down there to see Juliette Louis and the licks. Yawn. The band was competent but Juliette looked like someone who watched a bunch of Iggy Pop tapes and decided to try to act like that guy jumping around on stage. Which, since she’s an actor probably isn’t far off. She had the moves but we just weren’t buying it. Seemed very posed.

In addition to it seeming fake as hell the sun was really killing us so we tried to hide in the little bit of shade we could find:


So we went back to see a tribute to The Smiths which funny enough came off as way more authentic than the Juliette Louis did. I’m not really a Smiths fan, but these guys pulled it off pretty well. You could have told me it was Morrissey up there and I would have believed you.


I’m guessing the girl next to me felt the same because she had to call someone and let them hear too:


Our original intent for walking down there was to see X, and it seemed like a lot of people were too, but they all forgot the rule about never wearing a band t-shirt to see that band play.


Oh, and there were lots of cops:


Including one who might have been 9 feet tall:


And yes, that chick is totally hitting on him. She’s way hot for a giant in uniform.


Man, these kids today, when I was a kid and we wanted some cash we had to find someone to beat up and take it from.

Biggest lie seen at Sunset Junction:


We finally got to see X:


OK, maybe “see X” isn’t the right wording. We got to see a lot of people standing around smoking pot and talking about their vacation and jenny’s new boyfriend and how cool tom’s new apartment is and listen to something that sounded kind of like X.

So we walked around to the other side:


No better. But we were able to see Jimmy Hendrix:


And more mowhawks:


We waited for “Johnny Hit and Run Pauline” and then decided to call it a night.

Man, I really hate street fairs.


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  1. I was in shock and awe over the audacity displayed by one individual at the Sunset Junction …….. No, it wasn’t so much the transexual wearing the tight mini skirt and feather adorned, dildo shaped hat ……. and NO, it wasn’t the man with the punk style haircut wearing the F Bush t-shirt …… or even the woman decorated with manhole size tattoos whose jeans were so low-cut you could see three-quarters of her butt line that impressed me. It was the crazy suit-attired caucasian dude manning the remote Republican booth all by himself …… talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It takes some serious fortitude to endure all the verbal abuse and funnel cake attacks this guy did. My hat’s off to him.

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