Ceci n’est pas une Coop.

coop.jpgAside from watching people frag one another, I spent quite a bit of Saturday night running around town checking out art stuff. One of those happenings was sixspace’s show of new work by Coop, Parts with Appeal, and I think it could be quite a surprise for anybody familiar with his body of work.

To cut to the chase, Coop is unquestionably working to evolve as an artist and I think this show proves it. Sure, the source material is cut from the same cloth, but it’s the implementation that’s really worth contemplating here. You may be used to seeing his trademark voluptuous women and auto motifs as offset poster prints, but wait until you see them in acrylic (on canvas, no less), dramatically cropped and layered, blown up 6-feet high and heavy with texture. To be specific, he’s created one continuous acrylic painting measuring 78 feet that is comprised of four separate panels each made up of 6×6 foot paintings. I think there are a lot of people that aren’t Coop fans that will love this. I also wonder if there are a number of people who are Coop fans who won’t like it at all.

Also on display are a collection of more traditional inked drawings that apparently served as the source for the larger piece. As a fan of pen and ink, I love this stuff, but it’s definitely not anything new. If you know his work, you know whether or not you like this. I tend to think that the technical drawings are the more interesting of what’s on display, but all of it serves as an interesting reference to see what’s involved in the transition from black and white to color.

Parts with Appeal runs from August 14 to September 18, 2004.

4 thoughts on “Ceci n’est pas une Coop.”

  1. Thanks for writing a review of the Coop show. I wanted to talk about it but I innately do not like devil icons so my review would have been skewed.

  2. One more thing, were you guys all hanging together. I came in, saw 1 of you guys but went on my way in hopes to get out asap (I don’t like art openings). Didn’t want you to think I was stuck up or anything like that.

  3. Bill, looks like you’ve got some spelling errors there, in the first post, “innately do not like” should be spelled “am very freightened of” and in the second post there’s an extra “n’t” on “did” that you probably didn’t mean to include.

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