Jive On The Sunset Strip

sstrip.jpg In a candy-assed matchup of civic petulance and catty inanity with some greedy imminent domain thrown in, that wacky incorporated municipality known as West Hollywood has proudly hijacked the Sunset Strip, claiming it’s their property and name to pimp out as they see fit and there’s nothing big bad Los Angeles can do about. In an interview to confirm the young city’s right to grab the name, WeHo Convention and Visitors Bureau Chief Brad “Burly” Burlingame simply added, “So there. Pfffffffff!”

Burlingame is quoted in the L.A. Times today as being frustrated to near tears whenever his beloved city is misidentified, saying that he cringed last month when a New York Times story about Sunset’s landmark Argyle Hotel was datelined Hollywood. “If they said Rodeo Drive was in Los Angeles, people in Beverly Hills would have a fit,” he added.

But the trouble with Burly’s weak-kneed argument is that Rodeo Drive begins and ends inside B.H. boundaries, whereas I would not be alone in arguing that the historic Sunset Strip continues a couple blocks outside of WeHo’s eastern border. Not only that, but the Sunset Strip was there long before WeHo was incorporated in 1984. Self-proclaimed “Mayor of the Sunset Strip” Rodney Bingenheimer called the young municipality a “punk-assed, snot-nosed, 20-year-old city that shouldn’t be allowed to get away with that shit.”

In related news, North Hollywood has commenced taking over Burbank Boulevard from the city of Burbank, Santa Monica has filed against West Hollywood seeking full custody of Santa Monica Boulevard, and Sherman Oaks has put its stretch of Van Nuys Boulevard up for auction on eBay.

3 thoughts on “Jive On The Sunset Strip”

  1. I LOATHE West Hollywood. Traffic sucks. The people are extremely snotty. Restaurants are elitist and overpriced. Bah. Fuck that place. I think we shoudl bus all our homeless people there and dirty the place up a bit. It looks too much like Canada.

  2. So typical of WeHo. What these people need to understand is no one outside of the Valley really cares about the distinctions between WeHo, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, whatever. To them it’s just a place where all the freaks come out at night.

    Damn some people need an enema.

  3. jesus, i hate WeHo. EVERYTHING is a ticketable offense, from the direction of your tires to the number of times you pass a certain lamp post… The closest bit of freeway is 101/Highland and that’s NOT close, there’s nothing within the realm of affordable, decent food / drink / entertainment EXCEPT clubbing and bar-ing on their precious strip (which is less fun than the beaches and hipsterville these days anyway). $20 CDs, $10 drinks, and every asshole wannabe in l.a. cruising in his mom’s Benzo…

    I’ve been wondering a lot lately – why dont we have a hotass beach community like south beach/miami. Seriously, the beach here is so hippy communist or completely private. Why cant we have a nice beach front with some bars and clubs and nice stuff instead of a bunch of head shops and tattoo parlours. Meh.

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