Farewell and Adieu to You Fair Spainish Ladies…


Did you know that there has never been a fatal shark attack filed in Los Angeles County? This according to Malibu Longboards. I looked this up after reading a story in the LA Times (no eye rolling, this one is readable) about a man in San Francisco who apparently died of a shark attack while diving:

Randall Fry, 50, disappeared Sunday afternoon while diving for abalone with a friend. Fry’s friend told authorities that Fry disappeared after what he called a “big fish” appeared between them.

In related news: this post is indeed much scarier than Open Water.
In more related news: I now have a dog named Quint after the snarly fisherman in Jaws – dog does not anticipate being eaten.

7 thoughts on “Farewell and Adieu to You Fair Spainish Ladies…”

  1. Oh Christ that made me laugh.

    I’m tired and I want to go home…I’m tired and I want to go to bed…I had a little drink about an hour ago and it’s gone right to my head…

  2. You’re gonna need a bigger blog.

    Sorry, I’m reaching, I know. I love that your dog is named Quint, though, and I must agree…this entry–much scarier than Open Water.

  3. Open Water, pff. Read about the guy who was left behind off Catalina. It was reported in the Times about six weeks ago. He spent several hours in the water and was drifting out to sea writing last notes on his whiteboard when a passing boat saw his frantic splashing and picked him up.

  4. I love the last sentence on MLB’s site:

    “Small sharks will usually just bite you and bail. So no major worries.”

    No worries indeed.

  5. Yeah, big sharks will just bite you and bail too – but with that comes some major worries.

    Burns – I do indeed need a bigger blog! Ha!

  6. As a SF resident, reading that story was disturbing. But if you ever trek out to Point Reyes, you can occasionally see a dorsal fin or two…although the park service claims they don’t exist.

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