Res Assured


Once again, it’s time for Res magazine’s Res Screening, a monthly short film and music video extravaganza at the Egyptian theatre. This month’s installment goes down Tuesday at 8 p.m. and it promises to be the “biggest event to date.”

Featuring Beta Band and Felix da Housecat videos, plus films from Art of Speed (including Saiman Chow and Han Lee’s “Oggo,” pictured above), an intriguing collaboration between and Nike, the August Res Screening will wrap up with complimentary food, beverages and music by TINO CORP (Ben Stokes and Meat Beat Manifesto’s Jack Dangers).

I’ve been to two of these screenings and have come back from each either looking up the filmmakers on the Web or buying music featured in the videos. I’m not talking life-changing experiences here, but these mini film festivals keep you guessing and make your brain all tingly.

Plus, free beer.

One thought on “Res Assured”

  1. “tingly” as in when when one’s foot, (for example), falls asleep?
    if there’s even the slightest chance that (even a tiny portion of) my brain might “wake up”, i prob’ly should attend.

    plus, i already like saiman’s stuff

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