Grab your 8 Plus 1

August 15, 2004 at 8:37 pm in Uncategorized

michaelshoots.jpgFor the second weekend in a row Michael P, Michael B (pictured at right), Shawn and I have gone downtown to the LA Gun Club and busted caps into mad paper bad guys. Jason was able to join us today and it looks like this might turn into a regular thing. We’ve been renting a bunch of different handguns but today Michael P brought his rifle and rented a shotgun as well so we had a crazy variety of things to shoot. The LA Gun Club is pretty fun, they have tons of guns to rent for $5-$10 depending on the model, and everything I’ve gotten has been in the $5 range. You have to shoot their ammo but that’s pretty standard. Renting one of the 15 lanes will cost you $12 but a second person can use it with you for only $6 more. We’ve all been shooting a few hundred rounds and still getting out of there under $50 each. The staff are cool too, and happy to make suggestions if you don’t know what to try. Jason posted some more pics.

Me, I’ve been shooting a Glock 23 for years but on the recommendation of several people took an H&K USP .40 for a spin around the block and actually liked it quite a bit. At first I wasn’t so sure but it grew on my pretty quickly. We also shot some Kimber target guns today in Super .38 and .45 cal and wow, those things are stupidly accurate, and come with a price tag to match. What I learned today is that 5 shots of espresso *before* going to the range does not improve my aim – Jason however is like a freaking sniper.

With personal politics all over the map, it’s hard to come up with a tough yet factual name for our new found gun gang. Any suggestions?

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