Beachside inline skating for n00bs

Having recently filled my new iPod with a cache of vintage ’80s bubblegum soul-pop roller rink MP3s, I am suddenly inspired to learn how to repeatedly fall down on concrete do inline skating. Anyone have suggestions on beachside inline skating classes/hotspots/rental stores? Stuff not to miss, or stuff to avoid? Or, LA area urban roller rinks? Post ’em in the comments! I know I’m painfully late to the rediscovering-roller-skating party — but that’s okay, feel free to diss me in the comments, too. Also — I keep hearing a lot lately about LA area girly derby gatherings (large numbers of goth chicks on skates rolling around on indoor rinks, looking sexy, hurting each other, the team with the most chyxxors standing at the end of the game wins I guess). I’m definitely not butch enough for that, but it might be fun to watch.

Oh, and here are just a few of the songs I’m talking about.

5 thoughts on “Beachside inline skating for n00bs”

  1. Might wanna drop the Derby Dolls a note. they are pretty piped into that. I’ll drop my friend over there a note too and see if I can get some info for ya. And what’s up with the inline shit anyway? Grab a skateboard! They’re MUCH MUCH cooler ;-)

  2. Cool, thanks! I know — it’s just — well — inline skates look more demure. Hey, maybe I’ll wear ’em to your next shooting range soiree!

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