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Thank God. Just when I was feeling like the city of Los Angeles was running out of available surfaces on which to plaster advertising, I ran across this. Hubcap advertising. Seriously. This is the second cab I’ve seen sporting these bizarre, self-righting hubcap covers (click the thumb for a larger version). The first cab I spotted with them was shilling for Virgin Megastore while the ones pictured here are for Jiffy Lube. The covers themselves are sort of a cool idea, like anti-spinning rims or something, but I’ve really had enough. Espeically after the recent explosion in one-sheet displays in and around Hollywood. The next time you drive down La Brea, take the time to count them. They’re like rabbits; their procreation is exponential.

The really sad part is that, looking around the city and imagining it without all the billboards and posters, there’s a lot of unique stuff and interesting architecture that nobody even notices because it’s all been turned into one big billboard. The Laugh Factory is a good example. It’s a fairly cool building that’s overwhelmed by a giant and ridiculous billboard.

3 thoughts on “This entry brought to you by…”

  1. DAMN YOU! I was going to post this as soon as I caught one on, er, film! I saw one a week and a half ago and have been trying to find another one to shoot.

    I think we should dub these “sliders” or “swingers” instead of the already ridiculous “spinners” we have now. I have to admit they’re almost soothing to watch but the problem is that you’re WATCHING THEM AND NOT THE ROAD! Goddamn advertising…

  2. I’d like to know how they work. I guess they’re just on a nice loose bearing and they’re heavily weighted? Part of what’s so annoying about them is that all the ones I’ve seen are just a logo. I want to see somebody do a smart ad based on the location.

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