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fattys.jpgRecently, I reluctantly went to look at a house for sale in Eagle Rock. While were were there, we thought we’d check out Casa Bianca Pizza Pie based on a hot tip in a comment from Ron. But sadly, they were closed. Obviously, we had to search out something else nearby and that’s when we discovered Fattys & Co.

Don’t let the name fool you. This place has plenty of healthy and, more importantly, awesomely delicious stuff on their menu. The selection is mostly unique sandwiches, pizzas and breakfast concotions and there are lots of vegetarian and alternative choices. But don’t let that scare you away if it’s not your thing. I’m not a vegetarian, or even particularly healthy for that matter, and the menu was still full of rich, tasty things that I can’t wait to go back and try, hopefully accompanied with a glass of wine or a Mimosa. The atmosphere is great and the staff very friendly. As an added bonus, they also operate a pretty robust and high-minded magazine rack which carries titles like The Believer. So even if you have to go sans Co., you’ll have something to occupy you while you nosh.

1627 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles,†CA†90041-1402
Phone: (323) 254-8804

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  1. I actually grew to like eagle rock… I dot know why, but i did.
    First, you missed a real treat with Casa Bianca (i hear the pizza’s good, but i gave up pizza – I’m talking about the waitresses!), but Fattys is decent. My friend is classic – he would go there when his girl ragged on him to eat healthy and order two of the Vegitarian Sloppy Joes…. good, but kinda overpriced for what it is. (oh, and sorry if a few things in this sound a bit male-piggish, I still low ya gals!)

  2. Sorry to spoil your peekaboo to a good spanking Jimmy, but I’m one of those rainontheparade dweebs that believes there’s two sides to every story (yeah, it’s a curse).

    And since you’ve pointed us to a one-sided rant that so readily maligns Fatty’s with clear intent to damage its business, my question is why didn’t the post include which of those customers who witnessed the alleged crime coming forth as witnesses to the aggravated assault charges that the waitress pressed against her employer? Oh wait ó maybe because there were no police called and no arrests made and thus no charges filed?

    Now how could that be in the wake of so many people witnessing such a violent and disturbing confrontation? Perhaps because there was some proportion being blown out? Or some mitigating cirumstances unknown to the customer who witnessed the event?

    I don’t blame anyone for not going back to Fatty’s if they witnessed such verbal and physical attacks ó†hell, I wouldn’t either. But even if what was written on that Craigslist post happened verbatim, all it shows me is that there are freaks in this town and some of them own restaurants. I’ve been to Fatty’s and the food is good and there have been no out breaks of antisocial behavior among the staff so it’s gonna take something much more concrete than that, like a horror story of vermin infestation, to keep me away.

  3. I like their vegan pizza – it’s full of great veggies and the crust is ultra hard. And their orange juice is fantastic. A friend of mine always gets the cold noodles. Yummeee!

  4. If the incident that the craigslist person mentioned is true, that is very disturbing. But as Big Steve said there could be another side. I do have to report that I have heard at least 1/2 dozen reports from friends who have been there of astonishingly rude behavior on the part of the owner. Some of whom still go there because the food is so good.

  5. I had one of the worst experiences in recent memory (maybe ever) at Fatty’s. I had lunch with a friend and after paying the check with a 25% tip for the waitperson (who was very nice), I attempted to order an Americano to go from the owner/manager. I asked for an Americano over ice with no water added. She refused to serve it to me because this is not technically an Americano in her mind. I agreed to accept an expresso over ice instead to satisfy her (which actually was cheaper, so price was not the issue for her). When I got the drink in a small 8 oz cup, I asked for a larger cup so I could add some milk. She refused to give me a larger cup, saying that a larger cup made the drink worth a dollar more. After more arguing about nothing, I tried to give her an extra dollar for the larger cup. She refused again, saying perhaps I should go to Starbuck’s and wanted to give me my money back rather than a larger plastic cup to put my drink in. I was in disbelief. I have no idea why this woman had so much anger toward a customer who had done nothing more than try to order a coffee the way he likes it…and a very simple request at that. I asked her what the problem was, and she replied, “You’re my problem!”. All this after eating at Fatty’s a number of times . This went on for quite some time, and in retrospect, I wish I had walked away sooner. Twice, I tried to smooth things out, and said I didn’t want to argue, and apologizing if she thought i had some kind of attitude (which I’m sure I did not). Each time I tried, I was met with a hateful stare, followed by insults about my lack of knowledge about coffee, and something mumbled about “You Americans think you can have everything…”, which I thought was strange, because I couldn’t detect any accent in her speech. Anyway, to make a long story a little shorter, when I asked for the owner or manager, she said that she was the owner, to which I said “Unbelievable, that’s pathetic”. As I walked out the door she shouted “You’re pathetic!” across the room. After getting in my car with my friend and trying to figure out what had just happened, she came outside and glared at us from the sidewalk as we left. This woman definitely has some anger issues. It was a pretty upsetting experience for me, and after reading some other reviews of the restaurant, I feel a little better knowing that my experience was not completely unique. I ‘ve just bought a recording studio in the neighborhood, and suffice to say, I will warn all my friends and clients about the danger of ordering a coffee at Fatty’s, and I will never set foot in there again.

  6. I just moved into Eagle Rock. I love Casa Bianca, Fatty’s and Cafe Beajoulis. Are there any haunts I am missing? Also is there anything interesting I should know about the area?

  7. What the fuck is wrong with people – when will they realize that the energy they put into the universe is the energy that they will receive.
    I like fatty’s, I think they have great food and it is one of the only places that I know of that serves a mean Boston Cream Pie – fuck yeah.
    When I went there, I was treated with respect and courtesy and a number of the staff even commented that they liked my black outback hat.
    I live in Eagle Rock, I like it here, if you don’t like this area or the resturants in it -piss off.
    And since when did everyone forget the advice they were (or should’ve been) taught when they were children:
    If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all.

  8. The cragslist entry is GONE!!! My inner Cookie Muehler wants to know what went down!! I myself DID witness Frau Dingleberry berate, attack humiliate and threaten employees AND customers. It’s part of her creative process.

    Well, as a former Eagle ROck resident& customer of Fatty’s. The woman spoken of here does exhibit some distressing anti social behavior. She surely WOULD do apeshit over adding hot water to coffee, therefor changing it’s heart and soul. She will NOT put something tiny, like an Americano in a large cup, because then you could add milk to it, and make it a latte, OH DEAR GOD THE INDIGNITIES!!!!

    As for her quasi Europeanish ‘tude, I believe she’s from Hawthorn, or some other bland local berg, but she’s an “artist” and then is allowed to be “difficult”.


  9. I graduated from Oxy last May, and had a few rude encounters with Fatty’s employees when I went with a book or journal. “Are you planning on studying here?” I was asked, icily. I love the atmosphere and tea service, but the attitude at Fatty’s is out of control and not youth-friendly.

  10. just so you know, the owner was right…an americano is an expresso that is made “longer/bigger” by adding hot water to it. when you ordered the americano with no water added, that is an expresso. when you add milk to that, that become a latte. you in effect were trying to pay for an americano and get a latte and for a small business owner, i could see how this would rub them the wrong way.

  11. The service at Fatty’s is not always great, but the food is excellent, and I always thought the owners were cool. But if any of these stories are true, I’d like to ask the owners to respond. If there is any truth to this attitude problem that some of you are describing, they should consider being a bit more patient. I work in a cafe, and daily I experience some pretty rude people. But not just because I want to keep my job, but because I want to make the customers happy and give good karma out always, I try to be unfailingly polite but firm. Firm is okay; rude is not. Impatience and anger indicates something is wrong. Please, Fatty’s owners, please examine these comments and respond. Some of us want you to flourish… I would never tell someone “don’t go there”.

    A Fatty’s Fan

  12. Fatty’s has always been a favorite in our household. We frequented once a week, and we loved the casual atmosphere. You would walk in, order your food at the counter, get a number and find a table. The food was EXCELLENT, which kept us coming back.

    For some reason, however, the style of service, atmosphere and hours has changed at this restaurant. You can no longer order your food (yourself) in a quick, efficient manner. You must wait for a table (the sign screams, “Please wait for fair and balanced seating assignation”). If you’re thirsty for water, there’s no serving yourself. You have to wait for a server to attend to you, which really varies. More often than not, your server is overworked, frazzled, and EXTREMELY familiar with the phrase: “I wish I could do something about it, but I can’t.” Be prepared to wait over an hour for your food to arrive, and another half hour to receive your bill.

    Another problem is that the hours have changed drastically. Fatty’s used to be closed only on Tuesdays – along with the other competing restaurants along Colorado Blvd. They used to be open in the morning, serving their great selection of healthy, vegetarian breakfasts. Now they are only open for FIVE hours a day – from 5-10 p.m. Wednesday through Friday. Forget breakfast and lunch -dinner only, folks. Saturdays their hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and Sunday they have brunch hours – 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

    I MOURN the loss of the old Fatty’s. I had such a bad experience today that my husband and I left before receiving our food (we waited 45 minutes). The table behind us complained that they were in hurry and needed to get their food. “I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do,” was the response. Another couple sat down and quickly realized that they would not be receiving service in a timely manner, so they left and went to Beajoulais next door (which, by the way, is excellent).

    It seems that the new approach at Fatty’s is not generated towards good customer service. The food is good – that keeps people coming back – so we can scrimp on service, hours and overall attidude. Simply put: their restaurant should be called “Snotty’s”.

  13. We live in Glendale. My husband and I have been to dinner at Fatty’s twice and although the food was okay (except for rather small portions) both times we witnessed very strange behavior by the owner and staff. What are the odds of that?
    The last time we were there we saw/heard the owner arguing very loudly with 3 customers near our table. This lasted a few minutes and was really uncomfortable. When they left she followed them out, shouting at them again from the front of the restaurant.
    This made us feel really uneasy and we decided to not finish our dinner there. We politely asked if we could have some to-go containers for our food. A few minutes later two tiny containers were literally slammed down at our table in front of us, without a word.
    We were kind of shocked. We packed our food as best we could and paid our bill. As we walked out, not one of the staff said thank you or goodbye to us.

    We’re just not used to being treated with such rudeness while trying to have an enjoyable evening out.

    I can not recommend the stressful and unfriendly atmosphere of this restaurant for dinner.

    Fatty’s could learn some lessons in hospitality and courtesy from Camilo’s, a really good and friendly restaurant we frequent, down the street in Eagle Rock.

  14. Brandi: Check out Swork at Colorado and Eagle Rock – best ice-blended coffee drinks in town! And the hot stuff is pretty good too. On the same block on Colorado there is Dave’s sandwich store – I don’t know if it’s really called that but the guy who runs it is called Dave and he knows his stuff.

    Also great on Colorado: Le Petit Beaujoulais – good eggs and great french sandwiches. And if you’re looking for some healthy food: Blue Hen features organic vietnamese and a nice interior – it’s in the Mini Mall strip right next to Tommy’s. Which is quite jummy too of course … damn I love Eagle Rock.

  15. The owner of Fatty’s is a former artist by the name of Kim Dingle. She aquired some fame in the art world and I believe had her work shown at MOCA or LACMA not sure, I have seen her work and it is quite good. She has some major talent. I heard through the grapevine that she had recieved some shitty reviews that devestated her.(not sure of spelling)I think she took all the money she made with her art and opened Fatty’s and quit doing her art. I think she was hurt by critics and is now bitter, therefore taking it out on her customers. I love her artwork in fact I tried to tell her once I was there, but she is very scary and intimidating. No one should ever listen to critics, especially not let them crush your spirit.

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