Siggraph 2004 hits the L.A. Convention Center

Thanks to my friend Chinh from the Silicon Valley, I scored a pass to Siggraph2004 which is being held this week at the L.A Convention Center. We spent the afternoon on the main convention floor checking out all the cool toys and displays.

Siggraph is an international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques. Over 25,000 are expected to attend Siggraph this year with over 5,500 from 75 countries with exhibitors from over 230 companies.

L.A. is a great place to have a convention. Aside from the weather, there are actually a number of great places to eat, stay, and party in downtown. Welcome to all the visiting Siggraph folk!

Is anyone who reads this:
A) Visiting L.A. because of Siggraph?
B) Living in L.A. and planning to go?

9 thoughts on “Siggraph 2004 hits the L.A. Convention Center”

  1. Of course, LA has a fairly big presence at SIGGRAPH. Most of the post production people at least visit the trade show to see what’s going on.

    I’m there, because my new company, Digital Ordnance (, has a booth (1872) and is demonstrating the Frame Thrower. An uncompressed playback system for film and HDTV.

    My press release just showed up on the news wires today. That’s pretty exciting as well.

    I’ve been blogging about SIGGRAPH in my blog, mostly my experience around the trade show if anyone is interested.

    SIGGRAPH is a great event with a wide variety of attendees. That diversity is what makes it so worthwhile.

  2. Don’t you ever stop Fogarty? :-P

    I wanted to go see Bruce Sterling and have him sign my pre-release copy of Schizmatrix but I didn’t know about his keynote until about 10 minutes after it was done. Fuck I miss being in the industry.

  3. Oh yeah, Joz your graphic is over the 500 pixel limit on the homepage.

    /trout Joz

    Please resize it and don’t do it again or I’ll send large men with bats over to your house :-)

  4. If you think SIGGRAPH is boring you’re not hanging out with the right crowds. The trade show is a necessary evil. The emerging technologies, art show, film show, etc are the really cool parts of SIGGRAPH. People are pushing the edges of technology and art. The parties are also a lot of fun, but again it depends on which ones you go to. Unfortunetly, most of the great parties require tickets and those can be difficult to get if you don’t know the right people. The late late party (tonight) is wide open and one of the best parties if you don’t mind the 12am-6am hours.

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