My UGG Resolution

Driving home from the gallery today took us right past the X-Games at the Staples center, Caryn and I were in our car, with the air on full blast. Why? Because it’s satanically hot outside today. The gauge in the car says 90 but it feels a lot hotter. There were people blocking the sun with anything they could and hiding in the shade cast by trash cans. We were at a stop waiting for the green light and there were girls left and right in small tank tops, short skirts, and fur lined fucking ski boots.


It was right then and there I decided to no longer sit complacent. From now on when I see this kind of behavior I’m going to outright heckle these people. Point, laugh, ask them how their ski trip was, whatever it takes.

Who’s with me?

17 thoughts on “My UGG Resolution”

  1. almost as bad are the guys i see in the ski hats. do you need to keep your brain at an optimal temperature? are you making a statement against trucker hats by wearing the 2.99 no-logo knit hat? i know the rest of your look is all punk rock and indie whatever, but is a winter hat really necessary to convey your “i transcend the status quo” issues? the miniskirt/ugg boot thing is horrible, but the boys aren’t exempt from questionable fashion decisions.

  2. Ummm. It’s not that I don’t agree that uggs in this fucking heat are stupid….but so what. Whatever happened to freedom of dress? Ridiculous fashion statements and all that rot?
    I say, have a laugh and live and let live.
    Just a thought.

  3. Yeah, I make fun of UGGS sluts… Not because I’m bitter or they’re stupid, but because they’re just plain ugly, and it’s fun to be sarcastic with the 72 IQ points that are walking around in them. To quote John Waters, “I’m sorry honey, but if you wear white after labor day, we can’t be friends”

  4. ha, I was going to say “as long as we can do the same for tres-tired trucker caps” but I see abby beat me to it. trust me, there’s piles of bad fashion out there (from network-friendly carson k. all the way down to your aardvark-frequenting “hipster”), plenty for everyone to make fun of. hey, at least the ‘mos are finally, finally, finally giving abercrombie a rest, that dead horse was beat into oblivion!

  5. The funny thing (imo) is that these uggly trendoids are only about 15 years behind the first Ugg trend, and 7 years behind the second.

    I shot all the location photos (in Calgary/Banff, just after the ’88 Olympics) right as Uggs were taking off the first time. They were *the* fashion trend on the SoCal beaches for quite awhile, even though they were elephantine. I saw them all around (and wore mine) at shoots in Colorado and California ski resorts for a few winters, in addition to the beaches.

    When the distributor had to turn over the company they went out of supply and out of fashion for a time. But the line was picked up soon after, and the fashion trend cycled back through.

    I guess it’s cycled around again, though the surfers and skiers I knew then certainly wouldn’t wear anything so obviously out of place in downtown LA in the middle of a hot summer. The fashion victims you spotted must be trend-followers, not trend setters…

  6. I also agree that uggs are ugly and impractical in this kind of heat. But I also have to echo one of the previous posts: who gives a crap? If I spent ANY mental energy attempting to ponder the fashion motives of people in this city, let alone actually taking the time to heckle any of the poor fools, I would only be alowing the situation that they created to waste my valuable time. I’ve got enough shiite on my plate as it is. In short: let the idiots wear their uggs. There are plenty more things to be pissed off about in this city (world).

  7. Ok, so I’m sitting with some of my girls at the Spider Club when this Paris-wannabe shashays up and gives me the once over with that ‘I have more money than God’ snear and her gams stuck in a pair of Uggs. (she also had on one of those eye-sore Lance Armstrong rubber bands….kill me now…)

    ‘Sweetie, those things make your legs look fatter than they are’

    Thank God she was so malnourished that she could not through a punch.

    Bet you $5 that’s the last time she wears those damn things.
    One down, 25,549 to go!

  8. I think the whole idea of wearing Uggs during the summer months is so that these young hollywood wanabes can sweat off as many calories to look as malnourished as possible. I mean, c’mon, tank tops are even too much clothing during these roasting months. Who the hell wants to wear sheepskin on their feet??

  9. I did a road race in Venice last winter and one of the women I carpooled with insisted on wearing her Ugg boots to the pre-race expo and up until just moments before the gun. Yes it was December, but it was still 60 degrees. Evidently it’s the sheer rigor of a 10K that necessitates total foot comfort before and afterwards for the Los Angeles athlete. Oh, or maybe she was just absolutely consumed by her need to look like everyone else. Boooooo.

  10. I wear them in the summer and they don’t make your feet hot – they were originally worn by surfers in australia – last laugh’s on your lot – HAHAHAHAHA

  11. Anyone who wears ugg boots in the States are idiots. I live in NYC and see these morons wearing them all of the time. The summer takes the cake, you idiot, you’re wearing a boot with a short skirt. So surfers in Australia wore them, who the hell cares what surfers in Australia are doing? They also surf in shark infested waters, should I do that?

    I was recently told of a guy in Manhattan who had a pair of men’s Ugg boots. This man should be sterilized so that he cannot have any offspring.

  12. I’m guessing that by the way you talk you aren’t really into fashion.
    It’s not our fault if you’re a sad little geek that has no style!

  13. “she also had on one of those eye-sore Lance Armstrong rubber bands….kill me now…”

    i think that EVERYONE should wear one of these bracelets because 100% of the money goes to Lance Armstrong’s foundation which funds research to find a cure for cancer

    eye-sore Lance Armstron rubber bands…fuck you they’re helping to save lives

  14. Well…’s UGGS now and trucker hats before and who knows what else next. If you wanna heckle people everytime a fashion gets over-worn, then that’s your own right, but your gonna end up making yourself constantly angry cos it’ll probably never stop. I suggest you just relax, let people wear what they want and i promise that if you got to know any of them you’d be very suprised that they are not as stupid or boring as you think they are. You honestly can’t read a book by its cover. Many people following trends are probably just safer wearing common clothes and it may reflect a weakness in their personality but..we all have weaknesses and some are not as obvious as clothing trends.

  15. uggs are EXTREMLEY comfortable rather cute…only when they’re worn the wrong way are they “ugly”.

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