The Farmer in The Dell L.A.

Photo courtesy experiencela.comFrom the Experience LA Newsletter (an “online resource for exploring the LA Region’s wealth of cultural attractions” put together by a coalition of various city & county agencies), I found out that:

Los Angeles is home to over 32 Farmers Markets, spread out over our diverse and sprawling city. Check out all the wonderful Certified Farmers Markets (CFMs) available in Los Angeles County. Certified Farmers Markets (CFM’s) are “the real thing,” places where genuine farmers sell their crops directly to the public. [complete list of L.A. Farmers Markets]

What’s cool about this list is that in addition to the times, dates, & websites of these farmers markets, they provide links on how to get to the exact location with the Metro Trip Planner. Oh, and you can see a list of markets by day of the week, too.

I’m glad they note that this is a list of genuine farmers who sell their real crops, as opposed to those annoying fake Hollywood* farmers who only sell plastic fruits and vegetables…

*This is not to imply that the farmers at the Hollywood Farmers Markets sell any/only plastic fruit.

4 thoughts on “The Farmer in The Dell L.A.”

  1. A surprisingly good Farmer’s Market is in Northridge…the produce and prepared food stands are vaired and fresh. There’s a bit of a festive atmosphere there, as people seem to really appreciate something old timey is back in the ‘burbs.

    I hope the one nearby here in Silver Lake expands a bit….

  2. This is great info. I’d love to check out the China Town Farmer’s Market. And I also wish Silver Lake’s would expand. I know I should support it more. I’ve only been a couple of times, choosing the bustling, run-into-Huell-Howser, Hollywood Farmer’s Market instead. Excellent corn and perfect peaches. Ahhhhh. And I love the guy plaing guitar and singing the Igo Ono song.

  3. Thank you for highlighting our ExperienceLA website and e-newsletter on your blog. We believe that the Farmers Markets are making a real contribution to life within the many diverse neighborhoods of LA.

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