In-N-Out: The White Castle of the West Coast?

So earlier this week, I wondered what people would miss if they weren’t in L.A. & a surprising number of people responded that they’d miss In-N-Out.

On Wednesday night, I went to see an advanced screening of Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle and the tagline of “It’s What You Crave” made me think of the way people talk about Double-Doubles. You may have heard some buzz about the movie “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle” starring John Cho (the guy from American Pie 1&2) and Kal Penn (Kalpen Modi, the guy from Van Wilder). It’s set in New Jersey, and it’s about two guys who get the munchies and their adventures as set off for White Castle.

If you’re looking for something to watch this weekend, I would actually recommend the movie. I didn’t think that I’d find a slapstick/gross-out/stoner comedy funny, but I actually found it to be pretty clever and well-written.

And of course, if you’re in L.A., you can check out the temporary White Castle on Sunset Boulevard which is giving out 1 free burger per person, per day until August 11 to promote the movie.

You can win your own private screening by entering the Harold & Kumar Look-alike Contest, check the Harold & Kumar xanga sites for more details!

4 thoughts on “In-N-Out: The White Castle of the West Coast?”

  1. where on sunset???????? oh baby, i have not had a fresh white castle burger since i left new york seven years ago…….. i do buy them in my grocers frozen freezer section but their not the same.

  2. general consensus is that these aren’t the same, either.

    1. only one burger per customer.
    2. generally stale and unsavory.
    3. I think it ends sometime this weekend.

  3. SUCKS….i was hoping they had a temporary restaurant set up and i could order and pay.

  4. Man, White Castle IS amazing, if only for the reason that if you are extremely drunk it is the most savory cuisine you could imagine, but if not intoxicated, you would not even consider stopping there, for fear of grease. Sick, eh? I grew up in Detroit and had a top secret route to the nearest White Castle for late nite driving. Good times! I will definately see this movie.

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