What would you miss about L.A.?

After a 9 day business/pleasure trip to Montreal, I’m finally back and settling back into life in L.A.

I think I’d almost forgotten how to drive because I didn’t need to know how to get myself around town in Montreal. Be it the Metro, a cab, or my good ‘ol feet, road rage was the farthest thing from my mind while I was there. I certainly didn’t miss sitting in traffic while I was gone.

I did miss a few things about L.A. on my trip. I missed the hot & dry weather (it was hot and humid there… ick) and I also missed the food in L.A. I don’t know how many people told me that the food in Montreal was “so great,” and while it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great, either. Here in L.A., you get really spoiled to the great variety of cuisine available.

I also missed the $1 bill in the U.S. (not specifically an L.A. thing, I guess). In Canada, they have C$1 and C$2 coinage (no bills), so at the end of the day we’d be emptying out piles and piles of change onto the table.

As it’s vacation season and people are going to/from L.A., I’m wondering what other people miss & don’t miss about L.A. while on vacation.

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  1. Funny, after a couple of trips to Australia in the last year, that $1 bill was something I missed, too. The Aussies have $1 and $2 coins as well, although (like Canada) they’re only worth $.70 and $1.40, respectively.

  2. Great message… I just came back from a 3 week holiday in LA, only to return to Toronto, Canada.
    Having spent a few years in LA, there were many things that I missed… let’s see.. the hot and dry weather for sure, the Venice freaks (you know who you are), the ability for any 10 minute drive to take 45 no matter where you are, In n’ Out burgers, recoginizing the person pouring your latte as an extra in your in flight movie, walking by your ex husband who is STILL sitting in a coffee shop window hoping that someone will stop and buy his recent screenplay (keep dreaming) and of course, the sudden and steep drop in temperature at dusk. I love LA!

  3. Ohmygod, Lucy is right! I completely forgot the most important thing I’d miss…In-N-Out. I’ve turned visitors from all over the world on to In-N-Out, and they never forget it. A friend who moved back east had his wife bring back an igloo cooler full of Double-Doubles after a business trip. Until this moment, I was considering a move away from SoCal, but now…I don’t know.

  4. I’d miss the Dodgers, The Hollywood Bowl, and the infinite choices of ethnic cuisine. Oh yeah, I’d also miss the various weekly farmers’ markets that happen around town.

    Also, whenever I’m abroad, I notice that there aren’t as many movie posters pasted all over the city like here in L.A. – which is just as much part of the landscape as the palm trees, the beach, and mountains. I’d miss those as well.

  5. Wow, great thinking Joz! I suppose it really depends on where I’d be besides L.A. because if you spend a lot of time in one of the biggest cities in the world and go to a smaller one there’s LOTS to miss.

    Obviously I’d miss the ocean. Unless you’re going someplace tropical, that’s a huge loss.

    I’d miss the weather. L.A. has undeniably fantastic weather.

    I’d miss the art. L.A. has a vibrant, growing and surprisingly relavant art scene.

    I’d miss Skyy’s Tacos.

    I’d miss all the great live music and opportunities to see things you don’t get elsewhere (like Coachella, or a huge band in a small venue, unnanounced).

    I’d miss the variety of vacation and leisure options that we have here. I can surf and snowboard in the same day!

    Really, I’d miss all the insane and crazy variety in all walks of life that you get in L.A. All the people from different parts of the world. All the different and crazy parts of town that you can drive to. All the Thaitowns and Chinatowns and Little Armenias and Little Tokyos and barrios and ethiopian neighborhoods. This place is rich with crazy cool things to do and see. Everytime I go to Denver or Omaha and I get to spend time with boring, white middle America, I really start to appreciate the melting pot we have going on here.

  6. Hmmm. I’d miss the smell of sycamores at dusk in the canyon, the coyote skittering across the road when you come home at 4am to same canyon…..
    The incredibly WIDE variety of people and opinions and wonderful crazy energy floating around here because of all those diverse people.
    The sex in the air vibe that resonates so easily in LA….not like NY or Wisconson or Texas by any means.
    The FABULOUS fresh food at soooo many restaruants.
    Obscure wine from little vinyards in Santa Ynez and Paso Robles….
    The ability to wear a slinky top and skirt and sandals out at night and almost never need a jacket.
    And yeah. In-N-Out.
    And tuna salad at the Village Cafe in Beachwood, Thai Cobb Salad at Fred 62 and fresh tuna burgers at that seafood shack in Malibu on PCH.
    Jeez, I better stop, this is embarrassing how much I LOVE LA!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Easy (though sometimes boring) weather, huge variety of good ethnic foods, and especially the indoor smoking ban (there are few things in this world I hate more than smoking, and eating out in Europe was a serious test of endurance for me).

  8. When I was in Hong Kong for 4 months, I certainly did miss a few things:
    – Mexican food! Such a staple here, not to be found in Asia (though there was *1* place, it just wasn’t the same)
    – The melting pot of people
    – The joy of actually being able to see the Hollywood sign one those rare days when the absense of smog allows it
    – In & Out, duh
    – Dry heat vs. humidity

    Man, LA is a great place!

  9. L. A. is a great place to live and I love living here, but when I’m on vacation, I don’t miss a damn thing about the place. I’m so glad to be experiencing something new that I don’t even think about L.A. Isn’t that the point of going on vacation (if you choose to spend it elsewhere)? I’ve lived and travelled in many places around the world, and it always cracks me up when I hear an American tourist in Italy say something like “Boy, I sure do miss those Krispy Kremes!” Well, if that’s the way you feel, Bubba, just stay home and mow your lawn. You’re already dressed for it, wherever you are, as David Sedaris would say.

    On the other hand, if I were to leave L.A. to go live somewhere else, then I would certainly miss a bunch of things. Just ask me after I move to Paris when I retire. As for Paris, I miss sitting in a cafÈ and listening to the tourists complain about how rude the French are. But above all, I miss the bread.

  10. i did move away to seattle for 7 years and then moved back. here’s what i missed:
    – the ocean
    – the sunsets
    – the wide variety of people and their art, cuisines, driving (in)abilities
    – the weather (or lack of it) in winter
    – so many movie theaters, and showing tons of smaller or indie films not shown elsewhere
    – all the possibilities

    but mostly the ocean.

    things i miss about seattle? a good cafe to hang out in, salmon, PCC Natural Foods store, the lazy stay-in attitude that comes with the crappy winter, and Elliott Bay Books

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