Saturday Night Special

So, you’re looking at your calendar, looking at another sad, mindless Saturday night at the corner bar debating the merits of Kools vs. Kool Ultra Lights with Flo the waitress. You’re looking for a new place to go, but Flo can’t tell you where the good stuff is going down. Never fear, my friend. I’ve got a solution for you!
The Review, Saturday night at the Brewery

The Review – this Saturday night at Barbara’s at the Brewery. Two of my favorite DJs in the whole wide world, plus Gekko! From 9 p.m. – 2 a.m. Free admission. Hot chicks. Hot guys. $2 PBR on tap. And it’s at the Brewery , so you know you’re gonna see some freaky artsy types.

First 3 pretty girls get to ride in Gekko’s Benz.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Night Special”

  1. nice post
    and thanx for sizing the pic down from the orig
    see u there?
    ps – but that IS my mindless sat nite at the corner bar…
    pps – you made preferential ref to 2 of the 3 aural artists – and yet, i’m betting you can still manage a ride in the ‘benz, if you so desire

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