Cali Designer Deathmatch!

If you’re a designer in SoCal, you should already know that the AIGA chapters of California (including, obviously, L.A.’s) have announced Grown in California:

Twenty years ago the California chapters of the American Institute of Graphic Arts banded together and gave identity to our accomplishments by presenting a competition open only to California designers and dedicated to recognizing the unique qualities that make design done here so special. As we start to define the next twenty years it’s a perfect time to host a second statewide design competition and see how our imagination and inspiration continue to shape the California dream.

Methinks the name and orange motif are a little too reminiscent of LACMA’s relatively recent Cali-oriented exhibition, but AIGA San Francisco is at the helm so maybe none of them ever bothered to see the show. Still, it’s a good opportunity if you think you’ve got the stuff. The juror’s listóincluding such luminaries as Jeff Keyton and Charles S. Andersonóis reason enough to submit your work.