Whole Lotta Miceli's!


Tis the season for Comicon! People from al lover converge on San Diego in hopes of getting their geek on and landing a dream job in the biz or seeing a famous TV star or just to make sure they’re not alone in the universe. Whatever the reason for going to Comicon, there are perks like lots of out of town visitors swinging through LA on their way south. A friend of Fogarty’s was in town last night and joined us on our adventures and stayed for the day today. Fogarty’s sexy lass was craving some pizza so we decided to go to Miceli’s! For those who live under a rock Miceli’s is a FANTASTIC Italian restaurant where the waiters sing and the patrons eat till they can’t see straight. A most enjoyable good time. One that’s been pissing me off to no end because we pass by it on our way home from the gym every day but have been avoiding like the plague. Well today we treated ourselves and the food was amazing and our waitress belted out a rousing tune and fun was had by all.

The best bit? THE FUKING KURGAN WAS THERE! Ok, that’s out of my system. Phew. But yes, actor Clancy Brown sat across the aisle from us with his family and friends enjoying the Miceli’s as well. What more do ya need? Go! Eat! Drink! Get your groove on!

Miceli’s has two locations although I’ve only been to the one in Hollywood. More information can be found on the official website.

4 thoughts on “Whole Lotta Miceli's!”

  1. Hey Jason,
    Clancy is a really cool guy. He is the Chairman of the board for the company I work for: Brown Publishing Company in Ohio…later

  2. I’ve been to both Miceli’s but the one in Universal City (or is it Studio City?) holds a special place for me. Used to go there quite a bit in the late 80’s after work since I rented office space just up the block. It was a great place to kick back and list to waiters belt out show tunes.

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