Pssst, Wanna Buy Some Speakers?

Forgot to mention that after I snapped those photos of the Chevy Malibu that was taking up two parking spaces over at Fry’s, I walked over to my car and stowed away my camera when a white guy in his mid- to late-30s pulled up in a black Tahoe and asked me if I wanted to buy some surround sound speakers.

Realizing my great fortune, that this was a variation of the “The Great International White Van Speaker Scam” (also reported on here and here), I knew better than to deal with a shady guy like him, so I said no, and proceeded to enter my car. The last words I heard were, “I hope you don’t think I’m–” and then a laugh as he realized I wasn’t going to fall for his scam.

In retrospect, I should’ve played along to try and get some more information out of him, but I was pretty damn tired and didn’t think about it until later. D’oh! But to the best of my knowledge, his license plate was 5FCK850.

Anyways, just a warning that this scam is *still* going on! :P

2 thoughts on “Pssst, Wanna Buy Some Speakers?”

  1. Oh, man… this one is HUGE at USC. HUGE! So many douchebag rich kid frat boys to buy the speakers, how could it not be. I’ve seen guys sell an entire van of them in minutes (think Homer Simpson selling Love Tonic – the guys got a small audience and all of the sudden it was like an auction). Eh, dishonesty is dishonesty, these guys may lie to you a small bit more than the tooljob at best buy, but they also make a better commission, so they have more incentive.
    I have personally never done the scam, but i picked up my friend in arizona on my way back to school after xmas one semester and found that I would be cramming as many SkyLabs in my car as possible. Eh. I never sold um… i was merely the mule. good times.

  2. My girlfriend bought a set of those speakers for really cheap (I think less than a hundred), and to our surprise they were actually pretty good. Go figure.

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