Nightmare of the Elf is Dreamy!

Nightmare of the Elf!

When friends are in bands and they say, “hey, check out our new demo/mp3/recording,” it’s not unusual (as Tom Jones might say) to cringe and hope for the best, prepared for something…substandard. It’s fine and good for Candlebox to suck, for instance — you’re probably not friends with them and you don’t have to either lie and pretend you like it or try to tell them why you don’t like it in a kind and tactful way.

“Nah, I wouldn’t say it sounds exactly like Dokken, but that doesn’t save it from being farty.”

So when the obligatory listen to your friends’ band results in pleasant surprise instead of a head full of “not my cup of tea” missives and constructive criticism, one might be encouraged to support said band in whatever way possible. This being said, won’t you join us in seeing old-wave-made-new-again band Nightmare of the Elf tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 20th) at The Parlour Club in West Hollywood around, say, 10:00?

Good news, cheapskates and paupers! It’s $4. Listen to ’em here if you want to make sure it’s your cup of tea.

And, hey, as a bonus: If you really do like ’em, and you play bass, maybe you can join the band! Their current bassist is leaving in August, so this might be the last chance you get to see them for a while. Well, unless you wind up being their new bassist, in which case I imagine you’ll be seeing them aplenty soon enough.

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