Paging Sean Bonner — couture ugg boots spotted in Beverly Hills

So I’m standing in a puddle of drool in the Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue footwear department — manhandling Manolos and gawking at Guccis — when all of a sudden, my shoefetish narcosis is punctured by this.

I’m confronted by what can only be described as a couture monstrosity, phonecammed here for your vicarious viewing pleasure. What’s more ridiculous in LA than an underfed, Hummer-driving, fake-tanned, trust-fund teen wearing a pair of Ugg boots in July? Marc Jacobs ugg boots in July, that’s what.

In both Saks and Neimans, I found remixes of the snowboarding boots Sean Bonner loves to hate, redone by various designers. I forgot to phonecam the price tag, but it was {beaucoups x >lots} to the Nth power.

And in other news, I was grabbing a cold coffee at Urth Cafe in WeHo this afternoon, and my car thermometer says it’s 101 fucking degrees outside, and the AMW (actress-model-whatever) behind me is wearing hot pink Uggs. Unless they’re filled with dry ice, that’s just so wrong for so many reasons in LA in July.

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  1. I can’t wait to see what bizarre ass foot infections these people get from wearing this shit in the summer. Gimme a nice pair of Vans or Docs any old day…

  2. Posted by Jason D- at July 19, 2004 10:53 PM
    Whats an ass-foot infection?

    so fcking funny. thank you!

  3. >I found remixes of the snowboarding boots Sean Bonner loves to hate.

    Woah, woah, woah! I’m totally on board with pointing out the silliness of wearing Uggs in summer, but Uggs and snowboarding boots are only distant cousins.

    That said, these look more like snowboarding boots than Uggs and I wouldn’t wear my snowboarding boots in July.

  4. ‘Remixed’ boots?


    Songs get remixed. Poorly made cocktails returned to the bar get remixed.

    Boots do not get remixed, regardless of *how* cool and musician-like it sounds.


  5. Yes only one man is allowed to wear boots in the summer and his name is Neil Diamond.

  6. I wonder how many they’ve sold? If I actually saw a pair on the streets I may spontaneously combust from laughing!

  7. Moonboots were invented and made popular by Tecnica in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. They have never left the Tecnica offering – Marc Jacobs has simply knocked-off the real Moonboots of Tecnica.

    Available at:

  8. You only get foot infections from the unhealthy imitations (made in China. The genuine Merino hides used in Australian made sheepskin ugg boots have the capacity to actually allow the foot to breathe. They can be worn in all but the extremely hot days.

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