Girlie Men

This is WAY TOO good… from the LA Times:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger mocked his opponents in the California Legislature on Saturday as “girlie men,” and called upon voters to “terminate” them at the polls in November if they don’t pass his $103-billion budget.

The governor used the “girlie men” reference twice in a 16-minute speech aimed at pressuring the Legislature to pass his budget, now 17 days late. The remarks were apparently references to an old “Saturday Night Live” skit parodying Schwarzenegger. Comedians Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon played “pumped-up” bodybuilders with Austrian accents who dismissed anyone without a muscled torso as a “girlie man.”

Senate President Pro Tem John Burton (D-San Francisco) said he was “nonplused” by Schwarzenegger’s comment. “I don’t know what the definition of ‘girlie man’ is. As opposed to his being a he-man?” Burton asked.

Assembly Speaker Fabian NuÒez (D-Los Angeles) said, “Those are the kinds of statements that ought not to come out of the mouth” of the governor. “He says he’s going to ‘terminate’ members in November? I really don’t know what he means by that. That’s not funny any more,” NuÒez said.

Schwarzenegger said he would strive to oust Democratic lawmakers who vote against his budget. “I want each and every one of you to go the polls on Nov. 2,” he said Saturday. “That will be judgment day. I want you to go to the pollsÖ. You are the terminators, yes!”

I’m not sure which is better, that he actually said all that, or that people are *shocked* that he said it. Hello? We have Arnold Schwarzenegger as our governor, what did they expect?

9 thoughts on “Girlie Men”

  1. I’m more annoyed with the “That will be judgment day” line. That’s just so on the nose.

    Come on, Arnold. Step up your game.

    And if California politicians wanted to really stick it to him, the better soundbite would be saying something to the effect of, “I don’t have time to respond to comments from someone who only seems able to speak in movie cliche. I’m too busy here in my office trying to build an effective budget for our state.”

  2. he should quote from his other great movies, like the conan movies, “predator”, “kindergarten cop”, gees, there’s so many! and my fav, “hercules in ny”. (i think he was dubbed in that)

  3. this was hilarious. the minute I read this, I thought, this guy is good. He is playing the right tunes to kick people into a little faster mode. why not!
    however, I guess that’s my perspective from traveling through Europe people have a little more sense of humor. Politics shouldn’t be as serious as we make it sometimes!

  4. Awwwh! I am SO glad I’m a girlie-girl. Thank god all those female legislators don’t have to worry about being girlie-men. Scary. Scarier still…HE WAS ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE NEXT DOOR!!!

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