Whole lotta Pink's!

My friend Mike has been coming to town every 2 weeks or so to do motion capture for his company’s new game. We always hang out a lot when he’s in town and he’s quite persistent about where he eats. On the list of places that must be visited are In & Out Burger, Del Taco and Pink’s. I’m glad to announce that Phillippe’s has been added to that list. But it was the 5th of July so it was on the holiday weekend and Mike wanted to go to Pink’s before heading back to Chicago so Bob and I dragged our asses out of the house. Now this was dinner-time so I expected a goodly wait but Jesus crappin a kraut dog! Sean predicted via IM that it would be at least an hour until we got our food. He under shot. It was an hour and 20 minutes from getting in line until they handed us our food. Now Caryn‘s theory jives with our own which is they can feed you anything from tree bark to flat out lumps of monkey crap and it’ll taste like the best food you’ve ever had. So true. So true. So from top clockwise. The lovely Pinks sign while it was still light out. Number two is of the queue of the damned. Number 3 is of a lovely warning poster that your car will be towed immediately. It’s amusing to think that your car has been towed and totally chopped and on a boat to Singapore by the time you actually GET to this sign. And the last picture is of my dual Pastrami-Ruben dogs. These two hot dogs single handedly (well that and a little pressure from Bob) inspired me to go back to the gym. It was a lovely meal even though my feet were sore and my back was a wreck after the line and Pink’s still can call me a fan. Even though it will be another 3 years before I return. All photos taken with my SENT provided Motorola v600.

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  1. There are a couple of things about los angeles that boggle my tiny little brain…
    The list includes the long lines in front of PINKS and THE PANTRY, pretty much 24 hours a day (PINKS moreso, the Pantry on the weekends). I know PINKS is a landmark, and i know people take a lil pride in the place, but I just dont get it. I think the hot dogs kinda suck, and not just because they’re like five bucks and it takes an hour to get one, but those lil quirks dont help. The sensationalism of the place irks me because the people are not in line for the [so-so] food they get at the end, but just because going to PINKS is such an l.a. thing to do. I don’t mean to offend, I’m just saying I dont get it. When my friends come to town, we drive past the PINKS line, slowing down to laugh at the people (maybe we take squirt guns), on our way to Beverly and Rampart for a proper heartburn inducing meal (and in my opinion, better dogs). I also recommend The Wiener Factory in the Valley, and Oke-Dog (the chili sucks compared to Tommys, but get the chili-cheese fries and pig your face off!)

  2. I know everybody loves to bitch about Pink’s, but I f**king love it. Fortunately for me, I live only two blocks away so I only go go when I pass by and see that the line is short. Believe it or not, it actually happens. What blows me away is that sometimes there’s a short line in the middle of the day on a Saturday, but Friday night at 1:30 AM the line will go all the way around the building.

  3. pinks is just awesome. fortunately for big steve, the (mediocre) pig is just a couple blocks away. i used to live really close also, so i could go at off hours, like at 10:30 in the morning. i do like the tommy’s dog too though.

    god, that chili pastrami burrito bacon dog is a work of art.

  4. It’s a total work of art! Anything with Pastrami is beautiful to me! After 5 months on not eating meat I’m back with a vengeance…

  5. Actually, I get the veggie dogs there, and I love ’em. Their fries are pretty darned tasty, too. We’ve never before had to wait in a line like that before (and I don’t know that I would, again), but we usually luck out and get a relatively short line. That’s about the only way it’s worth it – delicious food or no delicious food!

  6. Slappin, I never said The Pig was great – I said it’s good enough and you get two sandwiches for the price of one. Oh, and you can walk in the front door and have your food in 4 minutes, rather than waiting an eon at PINKS…
    For those Pastrami lovers out there, my first introduction to it is still my favorite – CHANOS mixed-up burger: double cheese burger with a mound of pastrami on top… Oh and best onion rings in l.a. (I think?). Also, the Oke-Dog is for some, not for others – it’s two dogs smothered in onions, cheese, chili, pastrami, and bacon, and wrapped in two big tortillas and then re-grilled. Oh, and I hate to sound like a complete d-bag, but there’s always COSTCO dogs (I’m partial to the polish) followed with some devine Berry Berry Fro-Yo Sundae. Yum

  7. I’m all for Pink’s, but count me as a passenger on the d-bag bus if you must: Costco dogs ROCK. Ditto to the Berry-squared sundae.

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