Griffith Park is on fire

Eastsiders, step away from the laptop! There’s a big-ass fire burning in Griffith Park. Um. You can see actual flames from my office window right here in Los Feliz. Less than a mile from the current location of my butt. Link

5 thoughts on “Griffith Park is on fire”

  1. Shit, there had better not be one in Porter Ranch again. Although I’d have a better camera to capture it with this time around. :P

  2. Personnel at the Zoo (where I work) apparently saw suspects fleeing the scene just after smoke was spotted. The fire came to the Zoo’s rear perimeter where its $12 million animal health center is located, but was pushed back thanks to firefighters aided in part by a wind shift that pushed it westward back up to the ridge. So far so whew!

  3. Xeni,

    Come now fess up. Your bottom is so hot you probally started the flames sans maginfying lens.


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